Cavalier Cavalry - Khyber Server, DDO

A Six Man Band

We're back to being an all-local guild. It's been eight years (god where does the time go?) since we, like so many others were sucked into Eberrron by that wonderfully silly "Broccoli vs. Beholder" ad in Erforld in the days of yore.

We've done it all now, we're the old hands of DDO, and yet it still seems all new. It might be Standing Stone now, but it isn't standing still. The world is already expansive wih expansions, no other game delivers as much.

Lionessas and Iontiger are returning, having controlled their Lil' Kobald. Both are experiencing the wonder of Epic content, and have jumped into the Temple of Elemental Evil with almost reckless abandon.

Aaronitus is using DDO as a tool. It keeps his mind sharp and his reflexes keen. Working up an alt on it's third life, he's getting the full grind now, but is geared to take up the challenge.

Neyru has been captured, fleeing her native, yet insular, elvish homeland for the wilds of Xen'drik and the barren wastelands of Gianthold. Recovering from a touch of alt-itis, she is helping other friends and guildies alike to gear and level up.

Constant as the northern star, Oryara is still the definative first life light path Monk. Exquisitly geared and possessing a single minded focus, she destroys the creatures and denziens of the realms that would keep her from aquiring the materials she needs to become the perfect crafter as well.

Finally, there's yours truly. Still playing a bevy of toons anchored by the Cleric Glyndwyr and the Bard Alesthane, I now make videos, livestream, blog, and preach the gospel of DDO. It's kept the core of my friends together, and brought in new friends who are, dare I say (dare! dare!), like family.

Peace and good questing.