Cavalier Cavalry - Khyber Server, DDO

A Six Man Band

Well, the Cavalier Cavalry made it through “Festivult”, Mabar, Risia, and Crystal Cove, and using the bonuses, we racked up huge amounts of XP. Delera’s Tomb, Sorrowdusk Isle, Tangleroot Gorge all fell to our mad assault, then came Menectaraun, Vale, and Shavarath. We made a passable run at the Vault of Night blind, but got obliterated by Beholders… we know better now, 'cause we kicked their butt on the way up..

What made the runs so strong, it seems, is that this was an established game group that just got very, very lucky. All of us were looking for a MMO, two of us couldn’t spend jack on anything much, and the only one that looked interesting was this wacky “Broccoli v. Beholder” ad on Erfworld.

I support Erfworld, I want to be a Tool.

So those who could afford a little extra got the ones who couldn’t afford jack a couple of months on a game card and we hit the ground running. Friday and Saturday night raids were the norm beginning after Halloween, and then school let out, Festivult started, the XP bonus rolled in and all bets were off.

Bjornhammer and Trypod could only play for two or three days a week, and on borrowed machines and yet rolled to 10th level characters… and this doesn’t take into account their insane amount of alts. (Too many character slots can be a drawback.) They've had to drop, but were replaced by IonTiger and Lionessas, who've rolled to 14th level Paladin and Cleric, respectively.

Oryara stayed far more focused, and parleyed that into an awesome save-making, dps generating 20th level Monk who’s soloed some crazy adventures.

Finally there’s my characters. My main, the cleric Glyndwyr is level 20, and mostly kitted out, lacking only (due to a small change in equipment) a Tempest Rune of Exceptional Constitution.

Following that is Ziggystar, a Tempest Ranger. Tempest III with a focus on rapid melee combat, he's not the first into the fray, but he's always the last man standing.

Pfipher is another Cleric, more focused on WIS. Spell penetration, damage, spellpoints are all her domain, concentrating in combat by casting, rather than swinging hard jack.

Chereneko Natalia was shanghaied into Delera’s tomb as they needed a trap catcher. I’ve dumped all I can into open lock, spot, disable device and whatnot, and when she’s not turning all the automatic ouchie machines off, she’s slinging off +3 shock arrows into the fray in an attempt to help while remaining safe.

Threesee is a warforged Wizard, and was built on a Fire/Force paradigm. Now that they've made changes to spellcasting, he's probably going to respec his enhancements toward a frost / acid focus.

To save money long-term, my bard Alesthane also features the bastard sword feat, and at level 12 became a Spellsinger II. With his UMD check, he’s just shy of being able to use almost any magic device in the game, and his +4 mithral brestplate of command helps him be an all-around asset to Cavalier Cavalry’s second-team missions.

Sometimes, you just need a beatstick, and with focus on slashing weapons, focus on slashing weapons, and EVEN MORE FOCUS ON SLASHING WEAPONS, there is very little that is subtle about Heath MacIntyre. Eschewing a shield for Great Sword Wielding Action, he’s usually tasked with eliminating any of those pesky red-named creatures in the room.

The game is fun, but hitting it at just the right time with all the  interest surrounding the free-to-play launch and bonuses of festivult combined with hitting the ground as a playgroup… man, that was EXCITEMENT.